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    November 20, 2007


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    Jessie Oleson

    A very nice (and nice-lookin') alternative! Or even better, serve it in ADDITION to pie. :-)

    Mango Power Girl

    Thanks again Kiki I am hooked to Theo! In fact, I wanted to know if you have recommendations for what would be the best Theo chocolate to make a fudge?

    Thanks Jessie Oleson too - gotta love the cakespy!

    Kiki Kane

    Pheeling the lurrrrrve! Tis the fudging season and I picked the brain of Miss Autumn Martin, Grand Empress of Ganache. Autumn recommends Venezuela because it has the least amount of sugar, and has just a pure chocolate flavor that works well in the candy kitchen. I think any of the Theo bars would whip into a lovely fudge, but I might be a little hesitant to try the Madagascar. I made a frosting with it a while back and it was so fruity and pungent it completely canceled out the humble brownies beneath it. Let me know what you try - I'm fantasizing about Theo Buckeyes- maybe with fresh ground honey roasted peanut butter and Venezuela. yummmmmmmm...

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