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    December 01, 2010


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    Oh my, those bars sound HEAVENLY!!

    Sherilyn Koss

    Thank you for making the most delicious chocolate I've EVER EVER EVER eaten.

    I am allergic to soy, and as you know most chocolate (I would guess 95%) of the chocolate out there is filled with soybean oil, or soy lecithin. Most people don't read labels, but I read them all. I have stood in front of a 6ft. high x 15ft. long multi shelved wall of chocolate bars from all parts of the world in search of a chocolate bar without soy. I found 4 bars, and 1 of which was yours. I have been lucky enough to locate your chocolates in Seattle, then in Palo Alto, CA, and finally finally (I nearly jumped with glee, and exclaimed out loud) on the "special holiday foods endcap" at my local Vons Supermarket in Canyon Country, CA there sat 3 of your 4 chocolate bars (listed here). I bought 2 each, and intend on going back for WAY more today.

    It baffles me that other chocolate brands can call their chocolates "gourmet" or "quality" when their chocolates are NOT creamy or wholesome, and in fact are oily with no taste at all (In youth, I have tried MANY chocolates at the expense of a migraine, but now I rarely indulge, and have spent many years avoiding all chocolates). I relate this feeling to Sees, Nestle, Ghiradelli, Godiva, Lake Champlain, Lindt, Suchard...I couldn't care less about them.

    Today I ate 1/2 of your delicious Gingerbread chocolate bar (I haven't eaten more then a bite of a chocoate in years). It prompted me to write to you, and say, I never knew a chocolate bar could be creamy, or taste so flavorful. I want to thank you from my nose to my toes for such a delicious treat.

    Over the years I have seen MANY companies change their recipes to include the cheaper soy products. I've seen it happen in breads, soups, tomato sauces, and chocolates (Lake Champlain started out without soy). In fact it happens a lot. I hope that you will remember not to ever sacrifice the quality of your products if the choice should ever present itself in the near future. It seems as companies grow larger, they always bring in the soy. I just don't know why that is.

    There is not a single loaf of bread in my Vons store that doesn't have soy in it...and that's 6ft. high x approx. 50ft. long. It's really remarkable. Soy is a cheap filler, and is flavorless and for heaven's's a bean. So I most often go to my Whole Foods Market in Valencia, CA to shop for the quality stuff. I see your products there from time to time, and hope to see more of them there in future. I will also check out this blog more in detail to be more aquainted with your products.

    I wish you much luck with your fantastic products. And THANK YOU again.

    Sherilyn Koss
    Canyon Country CA

    Theo Chocolate

    Hi Sherilyn, The "from your nose to your toes" comment made me smile! I'm so happy that you found us locally. We will keep making delicious (and naturally soy free!) chocolate, so long as you keep buying it and spreading the Theo love! xox

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